Heater As its name suggests, it is a device that can generate warm air. Generally speaking, the maximum temperature is about 40 ° C. It contains three parts: heat generation, blowing and temperature control and protection. The heater has the microcomputer and PID temperature control, high uniformity, no temperature, energy saving, and the inner tank has high quality stainless steel and steel plate. The shape is beautiful and novel. The electric heating element has nickel-chromium heating wire, iron-chromium heating wire, stainless steel heating tube, infrared heating tube and the like, among which nickel-chromium heating wire is the most energy-saving, and the stainless steel heating tube is most resistant to corrosion and explosion.

How the heater works

    A heater is a combined unit of a ventilator, motor and radiator. It is suitable for all types of workshops where air is allowed to be recirculated. It can be used as circulating air heating when the air contains no dust or flammable gas. Now, Beijing Huake Commercial and Trade Technician Shilin explains the working principle of the heater. The heater is mainly composed of an air heater and a fan. The air heater dissipates heat, and then the fan sends out to adjust the indoor air temperature. The air heater consists of a spiral finned tube. For example, the steam-type heater has a heat-dissipating tube which is wound on a seamless boiler tube with a wall thickness of Φ21.5 with a special equipment for aluminum strips. The sheet spacing is 2.5 mm. The tube and the heat medium circulation pipe are integral welded structures, and the heater is The working pressure is below 0.8 MPa.

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The working principle and characteristics of the heater