Fast thermocouple usage
1. According to the object and range of measurement, choose the appropriate protection of the length of the paper tube and the applicable temperature gun.
2. Install the fast thermocouple on the temperature measuring gun and return the secondary instrument pointer (or digital display) to zero. This indicates that the contact is good and measurement can be performed.
3. The depth of the hot thermocouple inserted into the molten steel should be 300-400mm. Do not measure the wall or the slag on the measurement. Do: Fast, steady and accurate. When the secondary instrument gets the result, the gun should be taken immediately. Even in the molten steel immersion time should not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise it is easy to burn the temperature gun.
4. After the temperature gun is raised from the furnace, remove the used thermocouple and install a new one, pause for a few minutes, and prepare for the next measurement. Do not even test and disconnect, otherwise the temperature difference will fluctuate.

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Fast thermocouple usage